Revelation 13:The Beast From The Sea - Pastor Kenneth Cox

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Below is a video sermon by Pastor Kenneth Cox on the prophecy of the book of Revelation chapter 13 and this sermon focuses on the first beast, the beast from the sea. The other beast is the beast from the earth. 

In Scripture God uses beasts to represent kingdoms or nations. Daniel chapter 7 clears all this for us.  Of all the beasts mentioned in scripture God says more about this beast than any other beast. It is therefore vitally important that we get right the identification of this beast. 

This sermon will show that this beast from the sea represents the Papacy. This may surprise many that the dragon will use the church to carry out his purposes. But history if full of stories of millions that have suffered for choosing to follow their consciences other than traditions of the church.

As you might have noted this chapter has two beasts and the interpretation of the other beast i.e. the beast from the earth is presented in the sermon entitled the United States in Prophecy.

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  1. I am looking for the Kenneth Cox Revelation video series it was in early 1980 im looking to download

  2. The crusaders are not Christians. Hitler was not a Christian. Christian never had a part in genocide, inquisitions and the holocaust.rccg open heaven


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